Declare on the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP)

We notify on the European Union CPNP portal, your cosmetic for market launching.



Notification to the CPNP of the European Union (EU) is a prerequisite for placing a cosmetic product on the market. Here, the responsible person informs the European Union that the product will be placed on the EU market.  It must be done after having the Product Information File (PIF) y antes de su puesta en el mercado. 

It should be noted that this is a notification, not a registration, therefore it means that there is no approval of the sale of the product. 

How is it done?

Before placing the product on the market, the Responsible Person shall submit the following data to the EU commission: 

  • Category of cosmetic product and its name.
  • The name and address of the Responsible Person where the EIP can be found.
  • The country of origin in case of import.
  • The Member State in which the cosmetic is introduced.
  • A person's contact details so that they can be contacted in case of need.
  • Presence of substances in nanomaterials.
  • The name and Chemicals Abstracts Services (CAS) number or EC number of substances classified as toxic, carcinogenic or mutagenic for reproduction (CMR) (Part 3 of Annex VI of the Convention, Reglamento1272/2008 ).
  • Description of the steps to be taken for appropriate medical treatment in case of difficulties.
  • The original labelling of the product.

Why you have to do it ?

The aim is to promote the safety of cosmetic products and to reinforce market surveillance, because products that want to be marketed in the EU must comply with the requirements of the Product Information File (PIF) , safety assessment and reporting in the CPNP. 

Types of cosmetics 

All cosmetics have to be notified to the CPNP before they are placed on the market.

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